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Happy Holidays!!

The family is about to embark on a holiday / birthday trip, so before we go,
and I undoubtedly forget to update the blog, I thought I'd send some good seasonal vibes out and
wish everyone a happy, happy [fill-in-the-blank]
& a happy new year


Go Ask Alice

So, now, what did I make for this lovely show, you may ask?
Well, here, I'll show you:

Emo White Rabbit.
Don't touch his hair.

Seriously, don't touch his hair.
He spent hours on it. That's why he's late.

Do you know what time it is?
(if you answered, "Time to get ill!", there is a special place in my heart just for you)

And then....

That's Right, more Smoosh Hearts!

Say hello to The Lonely Hearts Clubs !

"But...", you may say, "there's no number '1' in a deck of cards."

tsk, tsk. think i don't know that? silly pants.
In a regular deck of playing cards, the lone club is designated for the "Ace"
But while hiding in the Royal rose garden from the Queen,
the frightened clubs got separated.
Together, they are happy, Apart they are sad.
Far from being "Aces", eh?

Besides, 1 is the loneliest number

And last, but certainly, not least

'Pillar & 'Shroom.

Best pals living in the forest.
Not a care in the world, & hate to be bothered.
Though nothing much bothers them anyway.
Favorite pastime? Well, you can probably guess that. (Shared pipe included)
Second favorite pastime? Just hangin' out.

He's bendable.


Look for a mini photo comic of 'Pillar & 'Shroom, coming soon!

Now here's more info about the show & venue:

Inspired by the classic tale Alice in Wonderland, more than 20 artists from around the world have created unique interpretations of their favorite Alice in Wonderland characters for this creative art show. Come prepared to be amazed by numerous one of a kind Cheshire Cats, Mad Hatters, Alices, White Rabbits and Wonderland characters galore!!! The show will include "dolls" in every form; sculpted, beaded, wooden, amigurumi, mixed media with an emphasis on fabric and plush art. With work ranging from the surreal to the cute, this show will be fun for art collectors, doll lovers, holiday shoppers, kids at heart and kids too! The show opens Dec 5th with a Mad Tea Party reception featuring tea by Loop & Leaf. The Show runs through Jan 7th 2009.

Go Ask Alice Artists include-, Lana Crooks, Yummy Pancake, 9-Kei, Jenny Harada, Heather Saunders/Needlings, Chris Creatures, Dan Levin, The Raggy Rat, Felt Mistress, HamsterandHIPPO, Absolutely Small, Follow the White Rabbit, FuzFrenzy, BeadDream, Plushroom Soup. Kate Savage, Little Critters, Children of Eve, IsGood, Leeanna Butcher, Scumptious Delights, Moon’s Creations, Vanae Rivera ….and more!!!

Paul Cumes Fine Art will be hosting a fun and fabulous event to open the Go Ask Alice Doll and Plush Show. Join us from 6-pm to 9pm Dec 5th for a Mad Tea Party themed opening reception featuring delectable truffles from Jessica Foster Confections, teas, champagne and cupcakes!
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

Paul Cumes Fine Art is operated by local artist Paul Cumes and his wife, Cimmi. Currently†Paul Cumes is showing oil paintings and sculptures,†and his gallery often hosts art by Santa Barbara’s favorite artists. Located just across the street from the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens at 131 East Anapamu Street.

For information about Paul Cumes Fine Art visit the gallery blog-


Why I can't take Twilight seriously

Ok. I realize my posts have become increasingly Andy Rooney-like & crotchety. It's only a matter of time before I start my blogs with "Didya ever wonder why....", so trust me, this will not be one of those hating on Twilight posts.

I tried to read it. Really. Despite my husband selling me out to our friend who let me borrow the book by telling her "She leafed through it but since there were no pictures, she lost interest." (Half true, I'm afraid...I'll explain later*), I really did try. I knew at least 2 people who got sucked in to these books, I wanted to like it.

Now, besides the fact that when I borrowed the book, I hardly had any free time to read it--being a new mom can be tough-- I think a combination of things led me to dismiss it before I even had the book in my hands:

1) I'm over 25.
If you love it, and you're over this magic age, more power to you. We all have our thing, and if this is yours, enjoy it to its fullest.
2) When I first heard about this whole craze, I had a different picture of who the leading man would be in my mind. and it was never....hmm. whoever plays Edward. wait, is it Edward? The pale one with big hair that loves the equally pale girl. Sure, I could research this doing a simple google search, but I'm not writing an article for the AP. hmph.
3) I've seen my fair share of vampire movies, granted most have been seen through the cracks of my fingers. I know this series of stories are geared towards the teenage/young adult sect so they can't be as gory as their predecessors, but as vampire movies go, it seems like the High School Musical equivalent, sans the singing... and replace bubbly, tanned teens with brooding, emo teens. I can't help but roll my eyes
4) the hype killed it. just killed it. sometimes I can look past it and love something thats even cheesy and corny (for example, as noted in #3, i actually like High School Musical. oh that's right, I said it. why?? see #1) but when I saw that there were riots in mall bookstores, i just couldnt get past it. and I'm not one to automatically dislike all things popular.

and most importantly, #5):

It had everything: an ass kicking grandpa, the dude from Overboard as the head Vampire (oh please, if that spoiled anything for you, then you deserve a hit from a knitting needle. seriously, you should have already seen this movie.), BOTH Coreys in their heyday, the dude from Bill & Ted, a greased up saxophone player/singer, and a glorious, young Kiefer.

*How could I possibly have any patience for a book that had nothing to draw me in like The Lost Boys did?

"But what about the new movie, New Moon?" You may ask. "Why don't you give that a try and maybe you'll get interested?"
Sigh. Really?
Are you really gonna make me do this?:

case closed.

We Won!....ish.

So according to Business Week, Lakewood is the best place to raise lil jellybeans in Ohio. Yay! Maybe this will attract some businesses to the area to occupy vacant retail spaces. According to the Business Week;

"Lakewood, on the shores of Lake Erie about seven miles west of downtown Cleveland, is an affordable suburb with tree-lined streets and great schools."

Preach on, Business Week. This is a lovely little burb.

Ok. I have one gripe about the article, and not just the Ohio page.

It's the pictures you chose, Business Week... and I'm just guessing here, you tweaked them, didn't you?

ok. more downtown Cleveland than Lakewood but close enough...ish

It's not as obvious here...ok maybe it is, but why the weird superimposed people in the area shots? I mean, a lot of the places chosen are scenic enough to stand alone without hammering home that there are happy kids somewhere in the area. Also, can we try to make it look more realistic?

Case in point, Alabama:

First of all, What?? Second of all, No.

Umm. Ok. What happened to her hair?? And don't tell me you don't see it. Also, the kids sort of look plastered on like a bumper sticker. I would've appreciated just a simple scenic shot to show me the beauty of each individual area rather than this "Hey look! Kids!" approach.

Bad editing aside, if you are looking for a change of scenery & raising children (or soon will be), the Business Week article gives good, basic information on our nation's cities. Don't let the pictures taint the recommendations. provided. Just giggle at them. I did.

The best. Just a busy guy, working in his office. With his kid. In the middle of the lake.


Get Your Crafty Goodness for the Holidays!

My fingers have been busy these past few weeks. Before I knew it, retail stores had replaced the pumpkins and cornucopias of autumn with evergreens and twinkling lights. And it wasn't even Halloween yet. Back in my day, everyone waited until after Thanksgiving. Then again, back in my day, kids drooled over Lionel Kiddie City commercials and REAL cartoons & kid's tv shows came on Saturday mornings- ALL SATURDAY MORNING...not just for like, 2 hours, and they weren't all Disney related either. If for whatever reason you woke up at 7 a.m., there was something awesome to watch while you ate your Swedish Chef Cereal. What? Did you just ask me who the Swedish Chef was?? From the Muppet Show, and I swear to Whomever, if you ask me what a Muppet is, I will thwomp you with a embroidery hoop. Oh also, remember Hey Vern, It's Ernest? Or how about Pee-Wee's Playhouse? Yeah, that was our show kids. Your welcome. Wow, lemme take a breath. *sigh* Sorry. Moving on...

The Awesome Candra Squire is hosting a series of holiday Trunk Shows! Want great local handmade products? She's got them! Live in the 216 area code or close enough to it? Get to the shows! December 3, 2009 6:30 – 9pm Utrecht in Cleveland Heights & December 5th, 2009 5pm-8pm Bela Dubby Lakewood, OH. A percentage of all goods sold go to charity. And if this sweetens the pot at all, some of my lil goodies will be for sale. Here's a taste:

By the By, keep an eye on that Candra & her Salty not Sweet biz...That gal's got moxie & is going places :)

precious memories

Once again, i've made some plushes for The Pop Shop Gallery. This time around, it's the True Value Vintage Show! In their words, "This show is dedicated to childhood memories, games, toys etc..." What could be better for a person like me??

a) went through a several month phase of comparing life events to The Neverending Story & Ghostbusters (moreso 2 than the original--you'd be surprised how handy knowledge of viggo the carpathian can be in common conversation)
b) lost my drivers license for 3 weeks in my own home, just plain forgot where it was. BUT, I can tell you the cartoon tv schedule from when I was 6...cartoons that have consequently been reintroduced to the new generation, via revamped toys (have you seen what they've done to Strawberry Shortcake & Rainbow Brite dolls), cartoons, and live action movies complete with explosions!
c) would ace any test given on Golden Girls trivia. Seriously. You tell me you know more than me, and I will stomp you. Mentally stomp, i mean.
d) pre-jellybean, watched just about all 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve. Note the pre-jellybean. You know what I'll be doing this Christmas Eve? Sleeping, preferrably to the dvd replaying its menu over and over.

The list goes on, and it's embarrassingly long. But I digress...

In honor of that hit game from 1990/1991, I made plush goodness:

fire pirahna plant!


close fireballs!!


In honor of this show and these pieces, I have dusted off the the ol' NES & will be taping my old issues of Nintendo Power back together. Viva la 8-bit!!

In the OH-ten? Visit

Lots of great local art at an affordable price :)


autumn spooktacular

Oh, blog. It's been roughly 2 months since our last convo. sorries!

anyhoo, I've got some spare time this week since jellybean is off visiting with the gramps, so I'll try to play the catch up game as much as I can. For now, please accept this as an offering.

This coming weekend in Lakewood, I will have some plushy scariness in the Pop Shop Gallery's 5th Annual Sugar Coated Show

What, you may ask, will be included? Well, I'll give you a sneak peak (I plan on taking pics that night, too):

The unholy trinity...Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Septopi (one plain black, the other 2 BIZARRO!)

The trinity and "The Bride" (Herman's love interest)

And here's the whole gang


halloween herman sneak peak

dear blog,

ive been oh so busy yet again...from family trips back east to über cleaning and house re-arranging in preparation for a newly mobile lil' jellybean. all of which i shall regail to you soon. for now, please peep my halloween offerings as a token of my appreciation:

meet Herman

side gash

[removable top & brains!!!]

Pics of his bride soon to come...

p.s. The removable top of Herman's head (ha! anyone remember that show?) can also double as a sweet, sweet hi-top fade:
too hype


La Famille Septopus

The gang's all here

In late 2005/early 2006, born of a mixure of boredom & procrastination, came the septopus. I had already been toying with the idea of the seven tentacled cephalopod as plush when the need arose to create a project for a communication's class. From there, my love and fascination with these creatures grew. I started with a plain blue one, and from there, my handmade, handsewn collection quickly grew.

Some were born as septopi, seven tentacled and proud. Others had accidents, thus marked with their own special band-aids. But all are loved just the same.

They all tried to make it to Etsy, they really did, but mama's grasp is strong, and her demeanor shy. Soon, though, Soon my pretties shall be available to the world.


Caring for Your Introvert - The Atlantic (March 2003)

Caring for Your Introvert - The Atlantic (March 2003)

Found @ KrissyHix Blog & Shared via AddThis

When I was a-blog hunting around, I found the KrissyHix Blog & a link to an article titled "Caring for Your Introvert). Sure, not all people are one thing or another, as us humans are weird and multidimensional beings, but if you identify with one personality trait or another, it's a fun read. (note: It's a hilarious read for all you Introverts out there, like myself- You will find yourself nodding in agreement and sighing "THANK YOU" to those who finally understand us.) Now shhh! and be still.


fun with polyhedrons

Meet Holly:

she's a quilted polyhedron ornament. what? you thought ornaments were just for the holiday season? that's silly. you're silly. ornaments are for every occasion to make you feel happy. silly pants.

anyhoo, after some minor bumps in the road & needle stabs to the finger, holly is completed. She's approx 4" x 5" of quilted love and glitter.

Now that i've got holly the poly prototype done, i'm a bit wiser and know the best way to make more. Be on the lookout for more poly ornaments soon


plush you peek-a-boo

In honor of the Pink Floyd, "Dark Side of the Moon"/The Wizard of OZ Mash-up, please get your copy of Neutral Milk Hotels' "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" ready....press play, now:

I'd like to introduce you to...
Esteban Septopus.
it rolls off the tounge better if you pronounce it with a french accent,
or a really good Jacques Cousteau impression.
go on, try it.
i'll wait. . . . . . . . . . .

He's approx 18" in height & stuffed with lavender and love.

I'm glad I won't be home to see him go, as I am currently on the east coast visiting family.

Esteban was almost too huggable to let go. But like all casanovas that love quick & hard, he's a traveler by nature and simply cannot be cooped up at home. This septopus needs let his tentacles feel the open road & water. Next stop, Seattle.

Vaya con Dios, you dharma bum

::Aaaand, stop song now::

Creepy how it syncs up, right? You're welcome.


sachet, shantè

i miss watching RuPaul's drag race. every few days i catch my self singing the "face face face" song interlude by Miss BeBe Zahara Benet, aka "House of Camer-OON". that in turn, reminds me of 1992, being 12, obsessed with fashion magazines, and hearing RuPaul's Supermodel on the radio constantly. Remember back then? When supermodels were thin, but not sickly boneskinny, AND pretty? seems like ages ago. wow, i've gotten way off the subject. ok rewind...

RuPaul's Supermodel song coupled with my jellybean's poomergencies™ gave me the idea to do a mini lavender sachèt, form of swanpeacock (sweacock i think is what i settled on). they're teeny-tiny and smell delightful. they aren't so useful in keeping in a drawer per se, but if you keep them by your computer and start to feel a bit stressed, a little sniff will do ya.

for now, enjoy them virtually :)

crafties from the pasties- project redux 2

this one goes out to all the forgotten, but loved art school projects in the house...
my house to be exact.
art school kids & you, a blues haiku:
i had for you
art kids didn't understand
but, fuck 'em, i do.

now for our next project makeover, the apple playhouse:


closed, close-up


The idea of the apple playhouse was for children to have a portable play thing, à la polly pocket, where, once opened, it would be a whole world/land for their imagination to explore. it would also teach them a bit about gardening and the importance of eating a healthy diet (it had a companion story book to go along with it). the outer and inner layers are made with felt, sewed together with yarn and stuffed. the brown circles you see represent dirt holes ready to grow delicious fruits & veggies, trees, or they can be filled with grass "mounds" to create a solid piece of land. it even came complete with a title character, corinna (get it? apple core...corinna?? i slay me.) and lil fruity friends, who understood that, although they were friends, they too would eventually be eaten because they're part of a healthy diet. i think that's the part that people couldn't get past. jeez, lighten up everyone. it's not a discovery channel special of a lion chasing down and ripping open a gazelle...it's a lil girl and an apple. grow a pair. ha! "grow a pair.", like fruit! i seriously slay me. ok, ok, enough of that. here's a pic of it open and full of growth:

lush and happy

At it's core (literally) was a treehouse...hmm...corehouse? with a yarn hanging ladder. admittedly, the corehouse wasn't as souped up as i wouldve liked, but it's a prototype.

here are some pics of our lovable corrina (sorry for any fuzziness, i'm no lachapelle)

up close & personal, standing in the dirt

standing next to: young tree, newly planted veggies, and fruit carousel

Ask me when I'll have time to re-do my beloved project? Yeah, I have no clue. But it will be soon. I'm just about done my stuff for Plush You, so i'll be able to focus more on other projects rather than constantly worrying about "does this suck?" for the Plush You entries. I'll keep you posted!