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by popular demand

She's paralyzingly cute. seriously. look at that face.

oh and as for the lag between the last post and this post...here's the catchup:
preggo related insomnia, short attention span & general procrastination
another apartment move
did i mention uber preggo?
taking the html/css blog layout by the horns & keeping it cute

now back to our story:

we've been phone call-nagged on several occasions. guilt-tripped. survived several passive aggressive "requests". now its pressure has even spread to Facebook (not "the 'book"! as i like to call it...). never fear! there have been countless pre- and post-natal hours spent websearching for the perfect baby announcement. last night, i finally wrestled procrastination, insomnia, and Indesign to the ground and created our own baby announcement.

never fear loyal family members and friends, soon everyone will have their very own postcard sized stella bella to adorn their various refrigerators, office cubicles, and the like.