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Stella's unnamed elephant

elephant & mummer peacock (to be explained later)

It started out as a simple, yet cute and respectable elephant...soft and gray with pink touches throughout. Then the eyes came into play, and in my new mom glory, I completely forgot about the child safety aspect of the toy: I didn't sew eyes in, I used the plastic black eyes instead. But alas, the elephant had been completely sewn together and stuffed (and i'm not a big fan of backtracking). What to do?

Embellish the hell out of it. that's what you do.

Thus begins the story of the simple elephant turned dazzling. I figure, go big and shiny with it, stick it on a very, very high shelf, and let her admire it from afar. Y'know, until she knows not to gnaw sequins off of things, and if she's anything like her mama, i'll wait until her pre-teens (I was very destructive as a child).