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crafties from the pasties : project redux

so back in my swinging singles heyday...back when i drank sparks and pbr like water, lived off of mcgriddles & hashbrowns...back when i wore a halloween costume consecutive nights in a row for numerous parties
that's right, brown She-ra representin'

i was in art school. the year was 2005... i realized maybe about half-way through that maybe college the 2nd time around just wasn't for me. something about things that should be fun and interesting, just end up feeling like work. yeah, i got an authority problem, so what, wanna fight about it?


there was a project to make a lamp/lighted object. i made this:

a simple drum hanging lamp from plexi, sheets of origami paper, felt, and acrylic. a little rough, i'll be the first to admit, but cute in concept. i received lukewarm reviews. but in my defense, i am a self proclaimed procastinator with low attention span...especially for assigned projects.

i felt the lamp deserved a second chance. not just another project to end up in a dusty corner or the darkest corner of the storage closet. so this past week i crafted it up:

lights out

in the daylight

all lit up

*ed. note: don't worry, i won't burn myself up. it looks pretty enough hanging in front of a window with the light coming through. The addition of a light bulb was only for the purpose of demonstrating how awesome my light is. holla.