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plush you peekaboo

here's one of the plush pieces sent off to Seattle this year:

Allow me to introduce you to Hubbabubbapus

me likey the sweets

more updates & photos to come to the Sweetfructose blog as I get a chance. Jellybean is fighting a case of the sniffles and kicking its undercarriage if i do say so myself.



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furry monster coming soon to the shop :)

long time no see, right?

so where have i been? let me sum it up in a haiku:

busy as usual
new pics of new goodies soon
crafting ain't easy.

Plush You 2010 is coming up very, very soon. I was lucky enough to be selected once again, this time showing at Nancy, right next door to Schmancy! Wishing I could be there in person to see everyone's work. Mr. sugarhearts, jellybean, and I will be moving to a new place in town this month, and while we would've loved a trip to Seattle, using the $$ to hire movers this go round will make getting adjusted SO much easier.

In the time that has passed since my last post, Jellybean is now a running, climbing, talking, attempted rock-eating dynamo. I've been sketching a lot but have not had time/space to do proper sewing without curious little fingers getting a hold of things.

I did make a decision though. Most of you know me as "sweetfructose" from twitter. So I've decided to make most of my plush and other creature creations available through a new Etsy site, http://sweetfructose.etsy.com . I have some furry monsters and cephalopods x food plush to load into the shop very soon. I will be using the cinnamonsugarhearts store for some upcoming planned homegoods and other assorted cutery. yep, that's right. cutery. chalk it.

I'm also branching another blog, sweetfructose.blogspot.com, more for assorted plush & randomness, whereas this one will be more for my past works, home life, bragging about my lil jellybean, and more day to day musings. so be sure to follow me there, too!