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Stuffed....on a sunday afternoon.

Hungry on a lazy Sunday, but don't feel like getting gussied up to go out to your local trendy brunch spot or IHOP? My friends, I give you,

Apple Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toastnote: there were 2 on that plate originally :X

can you say, "YUMMERS"?? I tweaked the recipe a bit, but it didn't need much. mostly I added allspice and didn't add ginger...and also just used regular wheat bread instead of the fancy dancy french bread it assumed I already had lying around. but i digress, it was the goodness, children. and now I shall share it with all of you: YUMMERS

if you use regular bread, it will still make the same amount of french toast sandwiches, but you'll have a lil left over batter enough for one more sandwich if you portion out the cream cheese mixture with that in mind.

proceed with caution, you'll be rubbing your belly and fighting to keep your eyes open after that meal.
After that digested, I was able to regain my wits and knock out a mini plushie as well as finish up an old plushie. pictures soon to come!


past craftification

as promised, here is a project i started and almost finished whilst late in the preggo stage. feast your eyes upon,

the Blinged apple wallet:
velcro closure at right;
note the keyring at left

velcro closure open

wallet opened.

There are a variety of sins to fix up before using and or gifting to someone, but overall, not bad for my first, almost completed, handsewn wallet.

p.s. never glue sequins. ever.

love & sequins.


oh and...

by the by...
I was accepted into the PLUSH YOU 2009 SHOW
[silently does the running man/hammer dance
so as to not wake the napping baby in the other room]

i meant to tell you sooner, really, i did...but you know...(see previous letter).

i still love you though ♥

it's not you, it's me

dear blog,

how unloved you have been! the life of a new mommy has been unkind to you thus far. while i am out doing crafty things, enjoying the Ohio sun after months [and months and months] of cold, and chasing around a 5 month old, you've been sitting here, patiently waiting. i have decided that we will have scheduled late night rendezvous whilst I have "me time". how does that sound? oh, blog, i'll make it up to you somehow, but c'mon, how can you resist this face:
you can't.

but here on out, i will promise to make a non-distracted effort to share my general craftiness with you.

love & sequins,