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half year in review

It occurs to me that since it is now June, this would be a good time to reflect on what i've gotten done thus far. This new year I opted to do a vision board in lieu of normal resolutions that I keep to until...let's be generous and say late January. I found that sharing my resolutions didn't make me feel any more prone to keeping them. I've never quite been one for following directions, even if they are my own. The idea of the vision board drew me in as it's more about attracting what you want & doing what you can to make your dreams achievable. Ugh. that's sounds so corny, but it works for me so shush.


this makes me laugh in a very genuine way. good times.



I don't ask for much...other than bubble tea, green tea lattes (or lattes in general...or anything iced), or toys, or craft supplies...hmm. maybe i do as for a lot. ok lemme start over.

I ask for a lot. I know, I have wants. But in my best Morrissey impression, please please please let me get what i want this time. and this time it's this bike. Electra Bike's Gypsy 3i Cruiser. I mean, look at the basket!! That's how I want to cruise around town with the jellybean in tow. *le sigh*