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ok, now for the real resolutions

The way I figure it, here is how new year's resolutions should go:
1) write down everything you'd want to accomplish ever
2) sort that list out to things you want done in a year
3) then with that list, shorten that down to a list of things you could feasibly get done without feeling like a quitter or setting crazy standards for yourself.

They're just resolutions people. There are no new years police patrolpeople coming to get you if you don't lose 5 lbs by valentines day. No one is going to physically threaten you if you don't get organized (and if you did set something up where someone would come and harm you if you didn't get said things done by a set time, you should really consider not making resolutions anymore).

If anything, the most reasonable resolution to make , and possibly the only one necessary is:
*1 be kinder to yourself.

Don't beat yourself up by using unrealistic standards. If your loved one gave you that list of items, would you tell them they were being crazy? If the answer is yes, it's time to rethink the list. The truth is, you don't even really need to make resolutions. You could just wake up one random day and decide to make changes, and that's great too. But the new year is sort of like a clean slate, a date you can look forward to and plan for. If things don't work out by Jan 21st, it doesnt mean that on the 22nd you can't start anew! (It also doesn't hurt that after eating so many rich, sugary, delicious treats from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all their leftovers, it's good to have a stop the madness date in mind.)

If you can't already tell, this post is more for me than for anyone else who may happen upon it, but if it helps you too, i'm glad.

So, that being said, here is my list, once again, in no particular order (with *1 above being the utmost priority)

a) Take the time to exercise & stretch more. You'll feel better in the long run. If one workout doesn't work out as planned, try another.
1) NOTE: I tried the Fit Test of the Insanity Workout today. WOW. Try to keep to the schedule. I'll keep the blog posted on my progress.
b) take time to just veg. without feeling guilty. read a book, a magazine, sketch...
c) Make more awesome plush
d) set up office to make it more crafting friendly
1) figure out a better system for fabric storage. if i don't see them i forget them.
e) write down ideas the minute you have them
f) eat healthier. just in general. use common sense. and yes, let yourself have an ultra sweet coffee thats more like a dessert than a beverage. it's the little things.
g) blog more & change the layout. dealing with html gives me a headache but i am in need of change. done!
h) be only responsible for your actions. and the negativity thing from the other post too
i) try to keep the house as tidy as possible. its easier to think in an uncluttered, cleanish home.
j)ditch old clothes, sell on ebay, get better clothes on ebay & get the thrill of the auction win.

Okay. now I'll check back in about...3 months, so early Aprilish?, to see what needs to be fine tuned or changed. Ok team? break!



Resolutions to get awesome...ok, to become more awesome, cause i'm already pretty great.
note: being humble did not quite make the cut to be on the list this new year.

I'll add more as I think of it and update it at the midway 2010 point, cause it's my list and i'll do what i want.

(in no particular order):

1. Health & Well-being
A. Move myself up on the list of people to take care of
a) INSANITY (I'll let you know how that goes-product reviews have been pretty good)
b) Remember Yoga? Yeah that thing that made you feel less crakle-y and helped your back...May come in handy when carrying around a 23 lb adorable jellybean.
c) Make time to read books that don't involve elmo or figuring out the alphabet

2. Make more awesome plush
a) finish purging old stuff from the office to set up shop in there instead of leaving a trail of glitter in the living room
b) don't get bummed if someone beats you to an idea.
c) keep a notebook in each common area of the house in case you get an idea. Don't say, oh I'll go upstairs/to the comp/wherever in a minute to write it down, cause you'll forget.

3. This kinda goes with health & well being but eat healthier, which I know is such a resolution cliche, but with the jellybean eating real food now, we have to set a good example.
b) Super Baby Food
c) or just wing it and make wiser shopping choices

4. Make more time for fun, even if fun involves #2 on the list
a) blog more. i used to write my myspace one everyday. then again, i was both childless & jobless, thus had all the time in the world, but i digress. i find myself pretty amusing, and it helps clear the jumbles in my mind if i get it out on paper...um, wireless things.
5. Try to rely more on water, tea, and exercise, and less on uber sugary coffee mixtures when tired
6. Don't absorb others' negativity, insecurity, and deflection. Be a rock, not a sponge. (i know, I'm deep)
7. If older spring/summer clothes don't fit by the time the season rolls around again (or earlier), let it go. Per Stacey & Clinton, dress the body you have now --and save space
8. Invest in a pair of those dustmop slippers . Seriously, the house is all hardwood, it just makes sense. Plus, it will keep the steps from looking like a scene from an abandoned house in scooby doo.