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hiatus complete

Hmm. How to begin. Did I tell you at the beginning of 2011 that I made a vision board? Well, I did. Just a small thing that kept track of my goals for the year. More like a souped up to-do/I'd like to-do list. Well turns out those things are kind of powerful. I was able to start consigning some plush through some great shops, it helped me get my creative life organized & more focused. And in my personal life well...let me explain. On the homefront, my former jellybean turned into a gumdrop (aka she got older, in non-mom speak). She seemingly went from this:


to this:

and this:
this is my fav pic of her from that year

 and now:

How did this happen so fast?! I mean one of the schmaltzy things parents and the like tell you is that this time in their life flies past, and even though some times seem to drag on (shout out to the middle of the night wake ups from the past!), I think back now and it all seems like a blur. 

Shortly after my last post, J & I found out that our gumdrop is on the Autism Spectrum. More specifically she has Asperger's Syndrome. How is she doing now? She's doing great and frankly, she's killing it in pre-school, but last year around this time, I was caught up in a lot of worrying and took major time away from online & creative ventures. Getting her the therapies she needed quickly took top billing on my vision board.

 Meanwhile, I was trying to get organized. I'd been stockpiling gumdrops clothes for the past 3 years in spacebags. The mountain of bags had finally reached the ridiculous stage. When I originally made my vision board, I'd toyed with the idea of being ready for a 2nd child. J, well he was born ready. If it were up to him, we'd have enough girls to have our own softball team. (His words). I'd started to sift through the clothes, selling off some items on Ebay that were either a pain in the butt to put on her or gifts that...weren't quite our taste, to put it nicely. I was working up to do a massive sell off on Ebay, figuring by the time we had our 2nd child, the old stuff would be too old and we'd want new stuff anyway by that point, right? Hahaha sigh.
oh life, you're so funny.

yep. that's right. the vision board got me pregnant. well with some help from J of course. heh. [insert joke here]. so the hiatus that i thought was over resumed with the onset of morning sickness that lasted approximately, oh i dont know...8 months? yeah. gross. growing people takes a lot out of you. 

Oh, OH! and then? we moved from our old place. yes, we moved again. we are a nomadic people. But with a new lil bundle on the way, moving became priority one. It took longer than expected to find a new rental because apparently, every family in our town was looking for and at the same properties we were. We finally found one, about a month and half before my due date, perfect timing right?

yeah, new jellybean, i felt the same way
About 4 days after our move, I went into labor.
24 hours later, I had a new jellybean- 3 weeks earlier than originally planned. 
Like I said, life is funny.

To sum up: vision boards- powerful; gumdrop- doing awesome, loving her new sis; new jellybean- enjoying life on the outside; new house- perfect, complete with an unscary basement; family- full o'love; 

creative pursuits & plush- OH WAIT!@ I forgot to mention...

So on top of all the commotion as of late, yknow, raising a 3 year old, being pregnant, packing, moving, unpacking, having a kid, I decided "hey, why not apply to Plush You this year, it's not like you're busy or anything  [haha] and it will get you back into the swing of things creatively and the places you consigned with last year would know that you are in fact, yknow, still alive". 

Well guess what? I GOT IN! I'm in Plush You 2012 @ Schmancy in Seattle! So yeah, stay tuned for progress on that too. 

Whew. Ok I think you're all caught up.