Welcome to my personal blog!
ere I will share my crafty pursuits (usually x-posted from my other blog sweetfructose)
do some parenting/kid talk, fashion/hair wish-listing, and post general randomness, complaints,
about whatever else catches my whimsy.


new stuff...and things. totally.

i won't let my title sway me into a self-indulgent rant on how my impersonal grammar and speech really hasn't changed since college (i mean college, the first time around...*art school dropout, holla!* sigh. anyway.) i do realize that things should be capitalized and ellipses should not be used as often as i use them, but seriously look at this... see? didn't you think something good was coming after that? it has all the drama of an exclamation point without being showy. whoops, i'm veering off subject.

so i've decided to make a new blog, while keeping this one for craftiness, making a new one that will be more for my personal junk. Example:

this morning i realized that most of my fav kid shows are directed by Savage Steve Holland, the wonderful man who brought us Better Off Dead & One Crazy Summer, coincedentally 2 post pubescent cusack powerhouse films...etc, etc, etc.)

this way, i can rant the way i'd like when hollywood decides to make or remake films they have no business considering (i warned you all about transformers and gi joe, didn't i?) and not cloud up the area around my crafty makings. when i think of a proper name for it, i will let you know.

in other news, from the look of this blog, it seems that i have been in some dormant, plush-making slumber, but oh no, i have not. truth is, in between chasing a newly running, 1yr old jellybean


and adapting to life & its constant curveballs, i just havent had the time to take proper pictures of all my creations. even my etsy store is stuck, frozen in time, much like the Oceanic 8, only my shop is stalled in the past holiday season and not 1977, but i digress.

new things are coming. heck, the "new things" have actually been made since new years, and were living in sketches for the past 6 months or so.(and yeah, i said heck. wanna fight about it?). my intent is to make this a proper blog, so as to satisfy myself and my self imposed new years resolutions. soon there will be pics of sketches, works in progress, finished works...yknow, the regular stuff. for now, here is a sneak peak of some cephalopod sweet treats that i will be sending over to a great new local shop, Salty Not Sweet...as soon as i can do some proper packaging of course :)
(and again, please excuse the quick pic):

note the books in the backgroud people, we're deep.

more good things are coming people, of all shapes, sizes, and flavors...[dramatic ellipses]. just be patient with me ♥ ♥