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blast-o from the past-o #1

Disney's The Wuzzles Aladdin brand lunchbox & thermos from '85.

Yet another part of my childhood that I'm selling off on Ebay to make room for my little one's new childhood. Sure, it's awesome and every time I flick the thermos cap on and off it sends me back to a simpler time where everything was cotton being glued to construction paper with glitter sprinkled on top...In all honesty, it's not one of my favorite "vintage" pieces, actually, it's not even one of my favorite cartoons.

If the googles are correct, and they almost always are, the Wuzzles animation show was one of the shortest lived in animation history. Also, I must say, the half hippo-half bunny-half...wings of mercury(?) always bugged me. Yes, i know she can't be three halves, but it just proves how wrong she inherently was. They were all a bunch of mixed up animals in a weird little fantasy land. I'm sure there's some underlying message about how we're all different yet we can all still hang out and have fun...but c'mon. it's a hippo bunny with wings. And, if memory serves, I believe she was fairly obsessed with the lead character, the orange tiger bee. I was only 6 when this show came on, I think I could've held out until I was 12 to learn about obsession. And it's not something I want to explain to my kid, at least not through a cartoon.

At any rate, I solute you, Wuzzles lunchbox, for always keeping my drinks cold and never letting them leak into my aluminum foil wrapped tuna salad sandwich. Hopefully I can find a good home for you where you'll be well loved.