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Things I have learned in 32 years...and a quickish crafty x-post

OK. I turned 32.

At this point, it's a yay, but I've seen everything past my 20s as a win-win. Not that I didn't like my 20s, but I was a lot more...emo than I thought I would be during them. Once you get past your 30s, things are both simpler but more complicated. Like you gain weight, you lose weight, you gain it back, but then when you put it in the perspective of "hey, someone lived inside your body for 9 months, had to be cut out, and you're still around to tell the tale", I can deal with being plus size for awhile. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it's having to deal with hearing high schoolers saying things like "what was the name of that old band..not Smashing Pumpkins...right, Janes Addiction!". Or looking at VH1 classic, and seeing every band you loved from the 90s, and realize that kids now have no idea how awesome it was to actually go into a record store and spend hours there (and there was an actual "Indie" section!) Sigh. really, kids?

Also, I am really, really intolerant of the heat. Sure, I turn a dazzling golden bronze, but I'm a sweater. Sweater? is that the proper term for one who sweats a lot vs A cotton-polyester yarn garment worn to keep warm? Hmm. Anyways, I sweat. So by the time I get to my destination I either look like I've just come in from the rain or someone just finished doing something salacious (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more). Either way, not a proper way to show up while dropping your child off to daycare. I blame Ohio, really. There is no reason why we should have 4 straight months of snow, then 3 months of rain, 4 non consecutive beautiful spring days, then turn as hot as the devil's balls (pardon my french) for 3 straight months. hmph.

So what have I been doing the first half of 2011, you may ask? I was busy...being awesome. Besides watching the wee one become a real kid (seriously, when did she get so big??) and creating smaller plushes (bunnipus'), I was busy making a huge project for....
So last Saturday, May 21st, the Salty ladies re-opened their wonderful shop in Ohio City (2074 W. 25th) with a grand opening par-tay! The hubs & I went to show our support....and to see the window art installation plush they so kindly displayed for their big event!

here's me feeling dorky standing in front of it

and again, me feeling dorky, standing behind it...with a celebratory Yuengling.
stay classy.

Everything looked so great in the shop! There were all sort of great handmade goods, new vintage pieces, products showing Ohio some love, cute jewelry, super yummy smelling Terre Verde Soap & Candle Co. products, letterpress/handmade (and hilarious) cards...the list goes on!

We stayed long enough for me to snag a pair of button earrings & record hair clips, though I had my eye on so much more. Alas, we had a babysitter to relieve & a bambina to watch over. I plan on going back really, really soon.

It's great to see that area of town getting a facelift & much needed economic boost. I'm also partial to that area since we lived in Ohio City for a short period of time right after our big move from Philly (where I shortly discovered a month later I was expecting...but that's a story for another time & another blog.)

If you live in the Cleveland area, I suggest you get your tushes down to see the shop. It's only a block away from the historic West Side Market and right next door to the equally cool Room Service shop.

Oh, and after the plushes have run their course in the windows, they will be available for sale through the shop. Just want to put that out there :)

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