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half year in review

It occurs to me that since it is now June, this would be a good time to reflect on what i've gotten done thus far. This new year I opted to do a vision board in lieu of normal resolutions that I keep to until...let's be generous and say late January. I found that sharing my resolutions didn't make me feel any more prone to keeping them. I've never quite been one for following directions, even if they are my own. The idea of the vision board drew me in as it's more about attracting what you want & doing what you can to make your dreams achievable. Ugh. that's sounds so corny, but it works for me so shush.

Here we go:

-finished 2 plush before february?
check! see the bunnypus' post from feb.
-plush window installation?
check! hmm. did i not tell this blog about it? My secret installation for Salty Not Sweet? whoops. my bad. see link HERE
-biz cards done?  
check! but it is an ever changing process as i get lost in the world of fonts & possibilities

-blog redesign done? 
check! but same status as the biz cards. but i am also thankful that blogger has updated their template designer to include 3 columns. the little html i know came from doing myspace profiles long ago. jesus. remember myspace when it was awesome and you could actually make & meet friends through it? yknow before it became a way of being barraged by bands asking you to listen to their music & creepy guys who would leave random comments on your blog and you were pretty sure they were capable of hiding someone under the floorboards of their dining room like that one episode of Law & Order SVU that has haunted you to this day? wait. how did i get here? right myspace, html. i digress...

-finished transitioning & had relaxed hair chopped off (aka: my semi big chop)?
check! I transitioned (time period from my last relaxer to natural hair/new growth) for about 9 or 10 months. Then in..hmm. March? I had my hair cut into a short bob where the only hair that was left was new natural do! still getting the hang of which products work the best in what weather, but i'm loving the feeling of not having to panic about my hair if i get caught in the rain or sweat too much.

so far, so good 2011.

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