Welcome to my personal blog!
ere I will share my crafty pursuits (usually x-posted from my other blog sweetfructose)
do some parenting/kid talk, fashion/hair wish-listing, and post general randomness, complaints,
about whatever else catches my whimsy.



I don't ask for much...other than bubble tea, green tea lattes (or lattes in general...or anything iced), or toys, or craft supplies...hmm. maybe i do as for a lot. ok lemme start over.

I ask for a lot. I know, I have wants. But in my best Morrissey impression, please please please let me get what i want this time. and this time it's this bike. Electra Bike's Gypsy 3i Cruiser. I mean, look at the basket!! That's how I want to cruise around town with the jellybean in tow. *le sigh*

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